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by Michael Paulwitz – Junge Freiheit Heiko “Justice Minister” Maas knows just where the real rub is: Massive sex terror by Arab-African bands, women dare not go out in the street and want to avoid large events? Leftist extremists are devastating inner cities, conducting street fights with regiment strength against the police, storming city council […]

Translator note: There was a request in the comment area for the translation of this article, and so it is done. The original German article by Akif Pirincci is titled “Das Schlachten hat begonnen (The slaughter has begun)” and can be found on the website “Die Achse des Guten” (The Axis of Good). For the […]

At the FREEDOM Party demonstration last Saturday in Nürnberg, unbelievable scenes played out. Under the slogan “Freedom or Islamization” (here is a comprehensive photo report with lots of new pictures), a democratic party wanted to provide information about the facts surrounding the subject of Islam. However, a horde of left-wing extremists and Moslems shouted down […]

French Interior Minister Claude Guéant (photo) said this weekend at a Symposium, that for his party (Sarkozy’s UMP) “in opposition to the assertion of the Left’s relativistic ideology, not all cultures are equal in value.” The meeting took place on Saturday in the National Assembly and was organized by a student group. Guéant criticized the […]

After the brutal murder of female Israeli student Oshrit Hamza (PI reported), now Göttinger Tageblatt journalist, Matthias Henzel (photo), is attacking the Israeli media with a vengeance and speaking of religious and racist propaganda objectives by the Jewish Internet agencies Arutz Sheva, and Eipnews. The speaker for the Göttingen police, Jasmin Kaatz, supposedly rejected […]

“We have the setback of the 70s not the least […] to thank for the fact that the others have taken possession of the language, have used the language as a weapon, that they have created ideas, filled others with different meaning and then used them all at once as a projectile against us, and […]

There are many people who still haven’t caught on to the fabrications of leftwing propaganda and lie campaigns. Since Lenin, it has never been an issue of the truth for the Left, socialists, communists and other red individuals – the ends justify the means – solely and only for their own power and the destruction […]

On the anniversary of the confinement of the citizens of the “GDR” behind wall and barbed wire, the surviving newspaper of the FDJ, “Junge Welt,” says thanks for the murders at the Wall. Thanks for 28 years, from the building of the Wall in 1961 to the temporary abolition of the Zone dictatorship by the […]

To prevent further criticism against Islam and to reinforce the corridors of power of the Stasi, the regional head of the new Islam-critical Freedom Party, Christian Jung (photo), has been selected as a target by the Communists. Jung, who up until now has worked for the Immigration Division of the Department of Regional Administration, should […]

On the 24th of February Tzahal the music band of the IDF gave her 3rd concert in the Netherlands this year. A concert that was made possible by Christians for Israel. Anja Meulenbelt pre-emninent anti-Semite and member of congress for the socialist party SP saw this series of concerts as a good excuse to disturb […]

The subject was actually “Freedom of religion for all – Christian persecution in Islamic countries and among us.” We intended to bring attention to the fact that the monstrous act against Copts in Egypt was no rare occurrence but rather that this Islamic violence and oppression has gone on there for 1400 years already and […]

While most media portals would rather junk up their starting pages with the banal terror of disgust from the RTL Jungle and thereby engage in the striking mass-stultification of the German people, a report having a completely different character can be found on Welt-Online: in Berlin, 1,000 leftwing rioters have injured several people. The occasion […]

There has long been a reeducation process underway among us to force the ejection of the common wisdom that the political middle as well as the rightwing spectrum belong to the essence of a pluralistic and democratic society . Those who are truly decent, like Sarrazin, are being scandalized by interjections throughout the country that […]

Bombs, bombs, everywhere bombs. Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, this is expected from such countries. But Greece? Wait a minute! Isn’t that one of the birthplaces of Western culture? The development is scary because it shows how quickly extremism can spread when sown on the fertile ground of a society threatened by poverty. (Commentary by Frank Furter)

A high-ranking Democrat politician made the assessment in an interview with the New York Times a short while ago that Obama’s problem was that he constantly considered himself as the smartest person overall. Two years ago, the majority of Americans also believed this. In spite of hardly unavoidable proof to the contrary. (Commentary about the […]

An attempt has failed already once to get rid of the horrible Thilo Sarrazin who has drifted to the Right. Now the head of his companion, Sigmar Gabriel (photo), is daring to do so with the old, well-seasoned trick: “I will buy a fancy review.”

The allegedly free encyclopedia of knowledge is turning out little by little to be more and more the opinion making, “free” encyclopedia of the political Left, who only very moderately keeps its worldview behind the “mountain.” All of this can be observed quite well in the publications about the nationwide voter alliance “Outraged Citizens” (Bürger […]

Hussein Fadlallah has been classified by the West as and Islamic terrorist. However, one can’t avoid the feeling that the left-wing media together with Abbas are mourning the death of the Islamic terror organization Hezbollah’s fascist.

It is drilled early on what a proper peace activist is supposed to be. When left-wingers demonstrate “against violence,” it is certain that the violence of others is meant by it. The population should secure itself better.

A ruling that nobody would ever dream of in left-wing loving Germany has now become reality in Hungary (photo: Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán): The denial of crimes by the Communist regime will now be penalized just the same as denying the Holocaust is. According to the ruling, whoever “denies, casts doubt upon, or minimizes […]

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