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At a certain age, one is still not inclined to voice his emotional state and wishes in a cultured fashion with others, to negotiate, to argue, to give in, to be the wiser one. Children learn this slowly in kindergarten, after schooling most in our civilized society manage to do so. Exceptions reinforce the rule; […]

by Michael Paulwitz – Junge Freiheit Heiko “Justice Minister” Maas knows just where the real rub is: Massive sex terror by Arab-African bands, women dare not go out in the street and want to avoid large events? Leftist extremists are devastating inner cities, conducting street fights with regiment strength against the police, storming city council […]

Islam is the most evil, violent, hateful Far Right Ideology in history. Angela Merkel who while running for re-election as German Chancellor (she won) became the first Chancellor to visit the Dachau concentration camp. During her visit she warned of the dangers of far-right extremism, pointing to the lessons of German history as an example […]

For weeks now, the Red/Green mainstream media have been beating up on Limburg Bishop Tebartz-van Elst. At the front of the pack are BILD and the FAZ. It is primarily an issue of the tenfold explosion of costs for the new bishopric in Limburg, but the background is more that the bishop is conservative and […]

Eventually, I successfully suppressed 9/11; my fear of flying disappeared again. On anniversaries when the television was always filled with it, I was happy each time when they were over. I also moved back to Mönchengladbach; however, in the US, I now have a sort of “time share” and have found good friends. What actually […]

Headline above: “Video with political calculation?” At this point, almost seven million people on the Internet have seen the furious accusation by 11-year-old Nada al-Ahdal from Yemen who fled from a forced marriage (PI reported). Now journalist Andrian Kreye amazes us with a totally special message: It’s bad when an 11-year-old girl is forced to […]

SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) president Sigmar Gabriel sees the party’s failed ejection of Thilo Sarrazin (“Germany is Abolishing Itself”) as the worst defeat of his term in office. “It is a great shame that he can continue to be an SPD member,” Gabriel said according to “Spiegel”. The SPD boss believes that the social […]

Wendy Davis, a 50-year-old senator in the Texas state assembly halted a democratic vote over the strengthening of the abortion law with a 13-hour speech (photo). Davis is now being celebrated by the “Democrats”; US president Barack H. Obama tweeted his support. But the left-wing, politically correct Rheinische Post also lauds the “hero in tennis […]

Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD – Socialist Party of Germany) called for a more consistent differentiation between Islam and islamism. “These terms have nothing in common but the first two syllables,” said Pistorius. Nearly 99 percent of the Muslims in Germany, according to Pistorius, are peace loving and regard the German Constitution as […]

“Barack Obama is no longer coming to Berlin as an idol” – Volker Beck of the “Greens” said this before the visit of the US president. A statement that was immediately and readily taken up by quite a few leftist, politically correct journalists in our country. But the German leftists and their journalists are disappointed […]

Today (6/18), the headline “Loudspeaker quiet and photographer ban – City puts brakes on Islam hater” was splashed triumphantly across all the Munich AZ (Evening Newspaper) newspaper racks. In addition, a photo that is to befit the agitational image of the politically correct press regarding the “extremists.” Of course, AZ editor Willi Bock didn’t feel […]

The regional pastor of the Oberlausitz Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Evangelical Church (EKBO) for interreligious dialog, Andreas Goetze (photo), has warned against “dangerous, Christian zionists” that support the State of Israel. Goetze sounded a specific note of caution among believers in the US, Great Britain and Germany.

Jürgen Elsässer has spoken out against adoption rights for homosexuals (we reported) and posted this article on Facebook. He right away received the message: “We have deleted the contents posted by you. We have deleted the following contents that you posted or those for which you were administrator because they have violated the rights and […]

What has Obama accomplished? Nothing. For what did he receive the Nobel Peace Prize? Nothing. What does he have to show at the end of his first term? Record debt, otherwise nothing. Obama’s Esprit? Nothing more than trivial do-gooder rhetoric. His economic competence? Print more money and give it out, otherwise nothing. Obama is a […]

On November 16th last year, a pro-Palestine rally took place (PI reported) in Vienna under the leadership of the radical-left RKOB (Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation). The slogan “Death to Jews” was audaciously sung in Arabic there. The Israeli Cultural Association (IGK) then lodged an immediate complaint for incitement. On 1/8/2012, the Vienna district attorney […]

The German press produced a disgusting smear piece this weekend and again today (Jan. 14) for the presumably largest French demonstration in 30 years. The Hollande government is currently trying with pressure to whip through a law with complete legal equality for homosexual marriage in France in order to show some kind of success out […]

On Sunday, things were again as far as they have been before: In Berlin several thousand radical leftists commemorated Communist enemies of the republic Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht who were killed 94 years ago – according to Constitutional Defense, an “element of tradition of German left-wing extremism.” Also, leading figures of the renamed SED […]

“You are here in my country,” the group Rammstein very aptly sings anyway. It is our civilization with our values, our accomplishments and our prosperity. Our parents and grandparents have done this with an enormous rebuilding effort. And not the Turks as they always wrongly claim. They came only after this perhaps the greatest economic […]

Leftists have nothing to offer in the debate about Islam other than insults, outrages, empty platitudes, stupid slogans, hens’ cackles, obscene gestures, aggressive threats, noises, shouts, whistling, spitting, tearing of flyers, knocking over posters or physical attacks. Argumentatively speaking, they are a total failure in the debate. The typical leftist comes to the information booth, […]

According to Haolam, Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian terror organization Fatah “party,” is one of the key men behind the 1972 PLO attack in Munich in which ten athletes on the Israeli Olympic team and a German police officer died. Moreover, he supposedly denied the Holocaust in his doctoral thesis. The SPD (Social Democratic […]

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Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
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erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

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