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It started at 7 p.m.: “Groups of 6, groups of 10, groups of 12 of North Africans. I have never seen anything like it,” says Ivan Jurcevic (photo). “They looked to me like a regular army.” Jurcevic has been a porter since 1989. He keeps watch on Silvester – like previous years – at the […]

A majority of just over 50 percent of Swiss registered voters want to restrict the immigration into Switzerland in the future. This result of the referendum from last Sunday comes as no surprise for people who busy themselves greatly with Switzerland. However, the blind and deaf of those Swiss and Europeans, who don’t want to […]

It is general knowledge that the consumption of illicit drugs is dangerous. Also the fact that dealings with dealers and those in their circles has its drawbacks is something that a young woman near Bonn recently found out. The 25-year-old intended to buy marijuana from an acquaintance – but instead of that she had to […]

In 2011, the European mainstream media could hardly avoid the giant surprise election victory of the national-conservative, peoples’ party “True Finns” (today: Perussuomalaiset, or “The Finns”). They were forced, though unfavorably enough, to report about a small group of people in Europe’s north that dared not to dance enthusiastically around the EUSSR idols and have […]

Translator note: There was a request in the comment area for the translation of this article, and so it is done. The original German article by Akif Pirincci is titled “Das Schlachten hat begonnen (The slaughter has begun)” and can be found on the website “Die Achse des Guten” (The Axis of Good). For the […]

In the schoolyard at the Bergmühlen Grammar School in Essen, 11-year-old Anna-Maria was brutally beaten by 15(!) schoolmates. Only when another child ran into the teacher’s office did the attackers let up from their victim. Anna-Maria didn’t get help, a female teacher simply sent her home. Upon being questioned by the police, Anna-Maria fainted; at […]

This time, it’s Sweden’s turn. The images that out of Stockholm and Malmö that went around the world in May 2013 are things that Europe has already often seen in recent years. In the English industrial city of Birmingham in 2005, in the suburb ghettos of the Parisian Banlieue the same year, in London in […]

Just last Friday, PI reported about problem youth who haunt a once glamorous historic section of town in Mönchengladbach. And just one day after, the next monstrous incident occurred: A paramedic tried to enter the Waldhausener Strasse (photo) to take care of a disco visitor medically but was hit in the head by an empty […]

“The most prejudiced group are the elderly who grew up in a different time. To put it bluntly, when they die, things will change for the better,” said multiculture expert Mikael Hjerm (photo), 43-year-old professor for sociology at the University of Umeå in an article in the English-speaking “Sweden News The Local” about possible Swedish […]

Last Saturday, a mass brawl broke out between Kurds and Turks in downtown Hannover. A Turk had to be brought to a hospital because of a knife stab in the back. The Turks first rioted at a Kurdish rally, after that they attacked a female worker at an info stand who had gotten involved for […]

The BILD newspaper is publishing in their edition today a call for donations for the family of Daniel S. from Kirchweyhe who was kicked to death by a Turkish band of thugs. Daniel’s mother, elder care giver Ruth S. (photo) raised her four sons Christian (25), Daniel(†), David (22) and Tobias (21) alone and doesn’t […]

Ahmed S. (photo), divorced father of five children and of Moroccan origin, allegedly carried his butcher’s knife with him, when on September 26, 2012, he sneakingly killed 32-year-old Job Center case worker Irene N. without warning with four stabs in Lower-Rhine Neuss. The crime shocked all of Germany. On Wednesday, March 6th, the trial against […]

Posted by WahrerSozialDemokrat on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

In the Baden-Württemberg town of Bretten, a man seriously injured his heavily pregnant girlfriend with stabs in the stairhouse of a multiple-family dwelling, and the baby they were to have together was killed in the process. Doctors were unable to save the unborn child with an emergency Caesarian section.

In Holland, a 41-year-old football referee was attacked on the green, beaten, pursued in flight, caught and so seriously injured before his own son’s eyes on by the beatings and kicking that he later died from brain hemorrhages. Another victim in the war against our values and culture.

The horrendous reports from the Diverse Republic have no end. In the “poor but sexy” capital city today, another horrible crime has occurred. In Schöneberg, a certain Yosef A. grabbed a knife during a quarrel with his partner Kharaji N. and cut off both of ther breasts and in addition slit the genital area before […]

Dear Moslems,

Stated tersely in a short communication on “Homosexual Iraqis have a claim to asylum in the Netherlands effective immediately.” As justification, the following was cited: “The situation facing gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people is serious. In placating way – mostly for the reassurance of the public – the Dutch Minister for Immigration Gerd […]

In Great Britain, there is shock again of yet another case of child prostitution in the country. As the Daily Mail reports, Azad Miah (photo), an avowed Muslim from Bangladesh, has supposedly run a brothel in Carlisle. There, he forced girls from 12 years into sex. To him, the girls were “white trash.” The actions […]

Five boys of the second generation of immigrants aged 14 to 16 years were finally caught red-handed when they tried to steal again from the pediatric department of the Rigs Hospital in Copenhagen. They were discovered by nurses who immediately contacted the police. The arrest went down quite violently as they didn’t intend to go […]

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Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
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erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

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