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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is 96.3% populated by Moslems. The last, still not massacred Christians are being held in ghettos and constantly showered with terror attacks. The last great suicide attack took place at the end of September: Two Moslems exploded themselves to their 72 virgins in the heavenly whorehouse “Paradise” when 400 Christians […]

Women in Islam are placed under brutal subjugation. They are to be beaten when they are headstrong (Koran, Sura 4 verse 34), to be sexually available to their husband anytime he wishes (2:223), to be locked up until death in the case of infidelity (4:15), are only half as valuable (4:11 & 2:282), are a […]

In Pakistan, Christians are constantly having to go to jail because they have allegedly offended Islam. As the aid organization for persecuted Christians, Open Doors, observes, an argument or the refusal of a Christian to convert to Islam often unleashes the charge of blasphemy. As a rule, Christians cannot expect a fair trial. In addition, […]

See this video titled ‘“Unholy War” Christians under attack by Muslims in the UK‘ at Family Security Matters of a Christian Pakistani family who was threatened with beheading for leaving the Islamic faith. Don’t believe it could happen in the good ole’ US? What about the Christmas Day family massacre in Texas? Or the New […]

In the Islamic world there is apparently increasing trepidation over the liberating Christian faith. In Pakistan, it is now permanently forbidden to send the words “Jesus Christ” via SMS. The name was put on a list along with 1,500 other words that are considered “offensive.” Pakistan is seen as one of the countries where Christians […]

Not an hour goes by in which not-so-good people demand that better people donate to the flood victims in Pakistan. Now, that not enough either, aid workers on site are also asked. These have now been threatened by the Taliban, which of course has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

Islam is known to stand on five pillars. However, these pillars appear to have varying importance. While Ramadan and pilgrimages are just as important as the daily prayers for which mosques are being built everywhere, it appears that the pillar of benevolent donations for the needy is not so meaningful. The moneybag of the faithful […]

Because of the “blasphemous activity” of Muhammad drawing contests, Pakistan has forbidden access to “Facebook”. In large parts of Pakistan, Facebook was no longer accessible after noontime, even though only the pages with the “blasphemous activity” were supposed to be blocked out.

Because he wouldn’t convert to the Peaceful Faith, a Christian in Islamabad was burned alive by followers of the Prophet’s religion. His wife who wanted to report the gruesome act was immediately raped by police officers. But that can’t have anything to do with Islam. There — so the quality journalists of die WELT teach […]

In Pakistan, a young Christian woman was raped by her employer’s son and then, while she was still alive, her body was soaked with gasoline and ignited. Her burns were so bad that the girl died after two days. The Catholic Magazine for Church and Culture reports.

Shazia Bashir, a 12 year-old servant Christian girl from Lahore, Pakistan, was murdered on January 23rd by her master Chaudry Mohammed Naeem. However, no attorney, either Christian or Muslim, dared to represent her case.

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Die Kyoto-Uhr
Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
womit eine potenzielle Verminderung des Temperaturanstiegs bis zum Jahr 2050 von oC
erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

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