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A police officer in Dresden wished the Pegida demonstrators Monday a “successful day,” and in doing so intended nothing bad by it, but just wanted simply to be friendly. For Pegida, a “successful day” would also mean among other things to be able to appreciate the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution freely and […]

February 10, 2016 – Brutal incident after a football tournament in Grödlitz: In Saxon Grödlitz, a pack of around 20 refugees (North Africans) chased two amateur footballers (25 and 27 years old) last Sunday in the early morning hours through the village with iron rods and beat them so that they had to be brought […]

COLOGNE. After the mass assaults in Cologne, more and more police are breaking their silence. Violence by asylum seekers, according to them, is to be systematically hushed. “Among crimes by suspects that have a foreign nationality and are registered at a first reception facility, we immediately lay the case to the side on the desk,” […]

It seems like exactly three years ago that Rainer Brüderle (photo left) and a venerably stupid attempt at making a pass in a hotel in January 2013 bar brought us a sexism debate, stirred by the so-called #aufschrei on Twitter. And so we were there, we ladies. Victims of the FDP, victims of the men, […]

Dearborn in the state of Michigan is home to the largest Moslem community in the US. In June of the previous year, a Moslem-Arab festival took place. Christians did a demonstration march during it and showed their adherence to the the Christian faith on T-shirts and banners. The police prohibited them from using a megaphone. […]

With respect to the activities by the US NSA secret service in Germany, the chancellor said the following sentences at a press conference: “On German soil, one has the German law to adhere to. Among us in Germany and in Europe, the law of the stronger does not apply, rather the strength of the law. […]

As Spiegel Online reports today (3/19), one of the four Salafists that planned an attack on the head of the Pro NRW party was apparently a police candidate and was just about to begin police service. Koray D., such is the name of the Salafist cultural enricher, in addition was supposed to have trained for […]

As Belgian media report, ex-Vlaams Belang member Bart Debie (photo left with the former party chief Fililp Dewinter) was a years-long colleague in the Belgian internal security service (“Staatsveligheid”). Debie was, among other things, 2007 participant in the Counter Jihad Meeting in Brussels and in the same year took part in an anti-mosque demonstration by […]

Russian authorities have executed a large-scale operation against alleged terrorism supporters. In the offensive, in which the Russian internal security service FSB participated, several hundred suspects were arrested, however, many were released a short time later. Against 271 persons among whom it appears to be exclusively Moslems, the accusations appear, meanwhile, to have strengthened. Der […]

The squad leader for the police has the power regarding public protest: He decides when the protest by counter-demonstrators is to be set at a distance for unacceptable disturbance and the armada of whistling and shouting. He can call for the delivery of a barricade if he sees a threat against the security of rally […]

41 days ago, Jonny K. (†20) was killed at Alexanderplatz. On the 36th day after the crime, I asked the question once again why all perpetrators couldn’t be arrested. I overshot the target by making sought-for Onur Urkal the criminal without him having been sentenced or having confessed. For this, a well-known Berlin attorney’s office […]

The percentage of convicted criminals that are foreigners increased again last year. Altogether around 22 percent of all convicts in 2011 did not have German citizenship, the [German] Federal Bureau of Statistics reported. In 2010, the number lay at 20,9 percent. A breakdown of crimes was not available for 2011. Why not? And where are […]

The nice man in the photo is Omid Ramadani (45), is an Iraqi with a Dutch passport and most dangerous. He is wanted in a European bench warrant for arrest. In Berlin-Schoeneberg, he cut the breasts off an acquaintance. PI reported about this a few days ago. The police are under the assumption that this […]

“After the fatal beating attacks on a 20-year-old at Alexanderplatz, two suspects who turned themselves in Thursday evening were already released again. A judge called for no detainment for either case, a speaker for the Berlin district attorney said. A 21-year-old even had an arrest warrant on him for suspicion of bodily injury resulting in […]

Under the cover of stabilization and consolidation of the just brought about economic crisis, the police (and not only they) have to bear increasing financial and personal burdens. For the people in Bremen, the loss of the monopoly of power is the dramatic consequence.

Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and parked on your plot of land are a couple of RVs. During the course of the day there are more and more, first 20, then 40, then 80. More are expected, and nobody has asked about a parking permit. There’s no toilet, so your pasture and the […]

Four Moslems (photos) were recently convicted in Denmark who in 2010 attempted to break into the editorial office and kill as many people as possible at the Jyllands Posten newspaper which first published the Mohammed caricatures. They had, among other things, a machine gun with 100 bullets, the BBC reported. The Moslem terrorists all came […]

A wild shooting match among “Southerners” developed last weekend in Hamburg. An apparently uninvolved person became the victim of the violence. The authorities right away attempted to keep the causes of the conflict secret, which stretched out over several hundred meters. Die Welt reports:

Salvador da Bahia has around 2.7 million residents, and, according to how much land around it is included, a few more; it is definitely comparable to Berlin. The police are now on strike, and within a week there were more than 80 murders, countless car thefts, attacks, lootings and shootings. The “normal” average would have […]

According to Tagesspiegel, the Berlin police are looking for this “supposed stabber.” Since we assume that the Tagesspiegel, due to lack of German language ability, means “presumed” rather than “supposed,” we are joining in the search, since we also assume that it is really not an issue of a presumed but rather actual stabber. We […]

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