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Since December of last year, “protection seekers” have been sheltered in the first Federal Processing Asylum Center in Thun in the Swiss canton of Bern. A Thun brigade of do-gooders put forth great effort and two tank hangars were converted into living facilities. The dignitaries were most happy, as the Berner Zeitung newspaper exulted in […]

Islamicly depraved Allah servants have become a part of everyday life in Switzerland, too. On Sunday morning, shortly after 6 a.m., the police were called to the Zürich township Wiedikon where several Jewish facilities are located. A 42-year-old Ethiopian was going down the street with a 25 cm long meat cleaver in hand. When the […]

The following is a letter to the editor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung in response to an article that ran in the newspaper on September 29th. The article from September 29th gives an inviting report about the exhibition “Islamic Everyday Life in Zürich,” but there are a few statements by the author that unfortunately aren’t […]

On Friday Evening, a debate over the referendum of the mass-immigration initiative took place on Swiss television station SF1. In it, SVP (Swiss People’s Party) Oskar Freysinger met in the broadcast “Arena” with assistant SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) chief Ralf Stegner who had commented (PI reported) on the result of the SVP initiative with […]

SPON gives an excellent analysis of why the stupid Swiss voted for a limitation of immigration. Because, in contrast to the Alps Heinis, real geniuses are sitting around who only have to look at a place in the atlas in order to dissect it.

A majority of just over 50 percent of Swiss registered voters want to restrict the immigration into Switzerland in the future. This result of the referendum from last Sunday comes as no surprise for people who busy themselves greatly with Switzerland. However, the blind and deaf of those Swiss and Europeans, who don’t want to […]

“Täschligate” is playing in Zurich. Black female Oprah Winfrey, who has been made into a billionaire on US television with blah blah, wanted to look at a crocodile purse for 35,000 francs on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, and the sales clerk allegedly refused to take it out of the case on racist grounds and wished to show […]

Mohamed Salah, Egyptian footballer in the service of FC Basel has told the media in his homeland that he doesn’t want to play for Basel in Israel against Maccabi Tel Aviv, which would “cost him his contract” (PI reported). Now Salah can have one less worry because Murat Yakin (photo), Turkish trainer for FC Basel […]

Saturday evening, a 14-year boy was beaten up by three men at a public pool near Zurich. The cause was a large inner tube provided to the pool guests, which the boy took for himself.

In Switzerland, there were various elections and votes. In primarily French-speaking Wallis, Oskar Freysinger of the SVP (Swiss People’s Party) outclassed all of his competitors[1]. Because of Swiss election law, which is difficult for foreigners to see through, a second election is necessary, but Freysinger will be one of the new state repesentatives in this […]

Once again a case of “enrichment.” Only this time, a 95-year-old with rolling walker(!) in Swiss Kreuzlingen beat a 28-year-old asylum applicant from Morocco into flight. Swiss newspaper BLICK reports:

Because Christoph Blocher, hated among the Reds, allowed the report about insider trading to make it to a federal councilwoman about National Bank head Hildebrandt, who meanwhile has resigned, now, three months later, Blocher’s villas have been searched upon command of a left-wing Zurich district attorney. The Confederation’s press of quality finds this to be […]

The story almost brings a Middle Ages court of Inquisition to mind. Swiss pastor Dr. Christine Dietrich wrote for years for PI – examples of her writing include such subjects as the right of Israel to existence, one of her main concerns. And against the misogyny of Islam, its affinity for violence, its legitimization of […]

Every third asylum scammer who actually has to leave Switzerland refuses to do so and becomes violent in the plane before the flight commences, disappears, and then searches out some kind of trick, with the result that he ends up staying, the current WELTWOCHE (45/2011) reports. And of the asylum scammers that truly do end […]

The Swiss Tagesanzeiger newspaper cited the Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders that we’re “at the beginning of something really great.” Such was the statement of the PVV leader at an informal press discussion with the SVP politician Oskar Freysinger last Thursday in The Hague (PI reported). It appears hear to be not only an intense […]

SVP (Swiss National Party) national representative Oskar Freysinger invited Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders to Swiss Savièse in Wallis for the 11th of June (PI reported) – it was about time for the emergency brake to be pulled by the Do Gooders! The Savièse community did no longer wish to receive the guest in their festival […]

The newspaper 20 Minutes is making a stir on Facebook with a somewhat confused article on the subject “Crusaders” about conservative Swiss politicians who have dared to out themselves as Christians on Facebook and speak out against the islamization of Switzerland. In the usual “I am good – you are evil” pattern, the Nazi muzzle […]

The lecture circuit of Israeli publicist and Jewish theologian Avi Lipkin (alias Victor Mordecai – photo) before the minaret referendum in Switzerland has come to cost him dearly. Lipkin warned back then that minarets were not church spires, rather “nails in the coffin of the West” and explained through definitions in the Bible that Allah […]

As leading managers have announced, the Swiss economy fears the monetary collapse of the Euro. Four out of ten Swiss managers are going on the assumption that the European Union currency will fall to 1.15 Swiss Francs. With a strong Swiss Franc remaining constant and a constantly sinking Euro currency, there is the fear of […]

According to early surveys, the Swiss citizens have a great interest in being free from foreigners that commit violent crimes or defraud the social system. In the German- and Italian-speaking areas of Switzerland, the draft is clearly multifaceted. At the moment, it looks as if Switzerland will give the EU and the UN a new […]

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