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As is known, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has liberated Aleppo from the Jihad warriors of Islam terror bands Al-Nusra and Islamic State with the help of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now Christians can finally celebrate Christmas under the protection of modern-minded Alawite Assad without being bullied, persecuted and killed by islamic fundamentalists. (Von Michael Stürzenberger) […]

Back yesterday, top Croatian politicians emphasized that they would take all of the Asylum defrauders from Hungary and send them on elsewhere. A welcome of the finest kind. First a few 100 came today, then 1000, and now already 5600, and Croatia has had enough. The promised trains didn’t run, it’s not working as was […]

Even the most hardened and able to go to the absolute limits of human imagination can only stand stupefied before images and video material from the sources of the IS that would truly shake any civilized person to their foundations. Even the most horrible nightmare by Hieronymous Bosch has the effect of a child’s birthday […]

Volunteers of the international organization “Doctors Without Borders” have again been kidnapped in North Syria. “They were all led away for an interrogation Thursday evening, and at this point nothing is known about their fate,” one of the staff of the humanitarian organization stated. It is assumed that the doctors were carried off by soldiers […]

According to statements by Constitutional Defense President Hans-George Maassen, the number of Salafists in Germany has risen from 3800 to 5500 in the past two years. In Northrhine-Westphalia alone there are now 1500 radical islamic Salafists, NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) told the Westfalenpost newspaper. Also, the number of those traveling abroad as warriors, […]

Several thousand newborns have not been immunized against the polio virus because of the war in Syria, therefore polio is rampant there. The World Health Organization has already confirmed ten cases. Neighboring countries are now fearing the spread of the disease by way of refugees.

In Syria, islamist legal scholars have signed a fatwa calling for the seizure of the possessions of all Christians, Druze, Alawites and other minorities that “do not confess to the Sunni religion of the prophet.” The proceeds of this property is to be used for the purchase of weapons for “martyrs” and for their families. […]

As the news portal The Blaze reports, US aid deliveries have now possibly reached even liberation terror groups linked with Al Qaeda. The photo shown here shows a known terrorist (center) named Commander Muhajireen Kavkaz wa Sham who belongs to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) group fighting in the Syrian civil war.

Anyone looking for a reason why Obama would necessarily want to bomb Syria can now find an answer with a report by Rionovosti. The Russian news page reports something interesting today (9/10):

Syrian rebels are supposed to have driven the troops of power holder Bashar al-Assed from the historical Christian enclave of Maaloula on the weekend. The residents, however, will be afraid to death of this “liberation”: Some were killed, others were forced with weapons held against them to convert to Islam, the current report said.

How often do we hear that Abraham is the patriarch of the Jews, Christians and Moslems. Then there are such phrase constructs as “Abrahamic religions” that truly all believe in the same God and should tolerate each other mutually. Abraham, called Ibrahim in Islam, had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. According to Judeo-Christian tradition, Ishmael […]

Syrian Orthodox Bishop Gregorius Hanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Bishop Mor Boulose Yazigi were kidnapped by terrorists today (4/23) in Aleppo, Syria. Their driver, Deacon Ibrahim Ulah was killed in the process. The Mor Jakob Syrian Orthodox cloister in Warburg confirmed this report on Facebook as well as on Lebanon Debate and other websites. The […]

Damascus/Istanbul – In the Syrian city Homs, rebels supposedly made a 10-year-old boy cut of the head of a man. A video was published on the Internet that shows how the child with a sword cut of the head of a defenseless man lying on the ground. The boy is being cheered on by several […]

Those who have any kind of illusions about real, existing Islam need only to take a look at the 57 islamicly governed countries. Now, the next Sharia insanity is getting underway after Egypt: In Syria Al-Qaeda bands financed by the Arab Emirate Qatar are on the way to bombing the Alavites out of power. Of […]

Besides Sheikh Adnan al-Arur, who has already turned out to be a Muslim Brother, and whom the multinationally occupied and euphemistically named Free Syrian Army (FSA) reveres, presently another identity figure of the Syrian “opposition” is now being made palatable to the West. His name is Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, and he met together with President […]

This morning there were at least 20 dead through several bombings in the Christian quarter of Damascus. Austrian ORF reports as many as 60 dead victims, more than 40 people have been injured.

French President Hollande (photo right) swims in domestic policy; he brings nothing to the table. Now he would like to make a profile for himself in foreign policy. As the first Western country – Obama then follows – he is recognizing Syria’s terrorists who are calling themselves opposition and promised them deliveries of French weapons. […]

Syrian Christians Complain of Massive Falsifications in Reporting by Western Media over Syria’s Situation By Michael Mannheimer The international Catholic aid organization “Church in Distress” is calling for media reports regarding the situation in Syria to be critically and cautiously accepted. The present speaker for the project, Pater Dr. Andrzej Halemba, declares:

Vienna/Königstein ( – The international Catholic aid organization “Church in Distress” is calling for media reports about the conditions in Syria to be accepted critically and with great caution. The present speaker for the organization, Pater Dr. Andrzej Halemba, declares:

This information is, of course, kept silent from us by the “correct” mass media: In Syria, things are going, as anywhere else in the Arab “Spring,” according to the seizure of power by political Islam. As the “Catholic Magazine for Church and Culture” reports, persecution of Christians in Syria are on a massive increase. Behind […]

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