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Frenchmen who have been condemned for terror acts can lose their citizenship. The French Constitutional Council in Paris made this judgment and declared a corresponding passage in the book of civil law as constitutional. Die ZEIT reported yesterday regarding this interesting possibility with our French neighbors. Even if such a thing is presumably (still) undoable […]

Before there’s a shot, there’s a warning. Islam is “peace”! And constantly, when an islamic act of terror happens, leaders, governing organizations, the leftists and Green media, politicians and parties of Europe blow loudly from the same horn: “Don’t worry: none of this has anything to do with the true Islam!” (By Pastor Fouad Adel […]

The hideous uniting of Hamas and Fatah, which is highly praised and recognized by the West, is showing its first fruits since the Palestinian unity government under the leadership of previous prime minister Rami Hamdallah was sworn in at the beginning of the month. The Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” in Gaza, an agreement partner in this […]

A murder attempt has apparently been made again against Islam-critical book author Zahid Khan living in Darmstadt. Several media have reported this. Khan was attacked in front of his house Tuesday morning by two men. One of the attackers stabbed Khan in the attack. This is not the first murder attempt on Khan. Back at […]

Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been made victorious with terror” [Bukhari 4:52:220] Al-Shabab, a Jihadi Islamist militia from Somalia in an attack, reminiscent of the Mumbai and Boston Marathon Massacres, on a Nairobi shopping mall in Kenya killed 59 and wounding 175. According to eye witnesses, al-Shabab Jihadists targeted only the non-Muslims by declaring: “All […]

As the news portal The Blaze reports, US aid deliveries have now possibly reached even liberation terror groups linked with Al Qaeda. The photo shown here shows a known terrorist (center) named Commander Muhajireen Kavkaz wa Sham who belongs to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) group fighting in the Syrian civil war. […]

Eventually, I successfully suppressed 9/11; my fear of flying disappeared again. On anniversaries when the television was always filled with it, I was happy each time when they were over. I also moved back to Mönchengladbach; however, in the US, I now have a sort of “time share” and have found good friends. What actually […]

Our todays program was dedicated to the 2,977 people who were murdered on 01/09/11. May they all rest in peace. Our todays program was dedicated to the 2,977 people who were murdered on 01/09/11. May they all rest in peace.

September 11, 2001, was a day that I had marked in red on my calendar already weeks ahead. On this day, my fiancée back then and I had an appointment at the Leipzig Registry Office in order to set the date for our wedding. And in fact, with a certain delay in time, September 11, […]

Four Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon today at the north of Israel (graphic). One of them was intercepted from the “Iron Dome”; the airspace over Haifa had to be closed. Fortunately nobody was injured, but three shock victims had to be brought tot he Nahariya hospital. Israel is of the assumption that the radical […]

From January to around mid-July 2013, around 9000 Chechens have come to Germany as asylum seekers. Among them are, besides members of mafia bands, leading heads of the islamist “Caucasus Emirate” terror cell as well, as Welt-Online reports: From January to around mid-July 2013, around 9000 Chechens have come to Germany as asylum seekers. Among […]

“I wish for death and can’t wait to be armed with bombs and grenades” – such is the refrain of the song that Salafist Denis Mamadou Cuspert a/k/a Deso Dog a/k/a Abu Talha Al Almani uses to call for suicide attacks in a video released Tusday. The rumors that Cuspert was allegedly dead are also […]

Nonie Darwish is the daughter of Mustafa Hafez, the former head of intelligence in Gaza during the time of Egyptian control over the coastal strip. Back then, Hafez foudned the Fedajeen, the first islamic terror group there, which carried out attacks on Israel’s southern border between 1951 and 1956. Hafez was killed with a letter […]

When the brutal murder happened in the open street in Woolwich, a few newspapers posed the following question: Who or what is behind this terror? It happened in broad daylight in the London suburb of Woolwich. Two Muslims armed with knives and a meat cleaver fell upon the young soldier Lee Rigby after they drove […]

The reports are full of comments from companions who knew the Boston Marathon bombers and testified how “nice” and “friendly” they were. All of them could not believe that the Tsarnayev brothers could ever become violent. This is not the first time that we have heard of such observations about violent criminals, but there is […]

There was a banality of a special kind today in Vienna: 40 people followed a Facebook call by the Chechen group “Pro Tsarnayev” and demonstrated for solidarity with Muslims in general and the Boston attackers specifically. Accusations were also made that the FBI falsified evidence against the Tsarnayev brothers. Men and women demonstrated in an […]

Syrian Orthodox Bishop Gregorius Hanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Bishop Mor Boulose Yazigi were kidnapped by terrorists today (4/23) in Aleppo, Syria. Their driver, Deacon Ibrahim Ulah was killed in the process. The Mor Jakob Syrian Orthodox cloister in Warburg confirmed this report on Facebook as well as on Lebanon Debate and other websites. The […]

Several explosions occurred this afternoon near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in the US state of Massachusetts . CNN showed a pillar of smoke, injured people and emergency crews. According to the New York Post, there were 12 dead and 50 injured. Bleeding onlookers were cared for in the medical tent. The airspace […]

In the monocriminal Moslem ghetto of Bonn-Tannenbusch (with a minaret mosque) lives convert Marco G., one of the four Salafists whom the police arrested in Leverkusen in connection with the attempted attack on PRO-NRW president Markus Beisicht Tuesday evening (PI reported). On a death list found with the alleged perpetrators were yet another nine PRO-NRW […]

On March 13rd 2013, it became known that only an energetic, last-minute intervention of police averted a brutal attempt by radical Muslims in Leverkusen, Germany, to assassinate Markus Beisicht (Foto), chairman of a right wing regional party. Also if, for whatever reasons, you may be strongly critical of the political position of Beisicht and his […]

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