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Two teenage girls were lured from their home town to a dingy Birmingham flat where they were subjected to a degrading weekend of sexual attacks by a group of men who “believed they could do with them as they pleased”, a court was told yesterday. From European Freedom Initiative The girls, aged 15 and 16, […]

In October 2010, a Muslim pilot in England was terminated from his employment with a well-known British airline because he kept ties with two islamists suspected of terror. Now he is complaining of racist discrimination, since he is Asian and Muslim. Neither the name of the airline nor the name of the pilot were disclosed […]

“England is sick” was a headline of the tabloid The SUN. It was in the especially diverse districts like e.g. Tottenham, where the riots broke out because “a father of four” was reported as being willfully shot by the police – as German mainstream media reported still numerous days later. (A Photo Report from an […]

To whom it may concern, I’m writing with regard to the document you signed, a document issued to you by members of the turban campaign, something that slanders not just myself but also the English Defence League.

A short while ago, Tommy Robinson, leading member of the Israel-friendly English Defence League (EDL), was accompanied by an Australian TV team through his hometown Luton a short, a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalists north of London. The statements of various Muslim leaders against democracy that need to be combated should also be a warning signal […]

On February 14, BBC broadcast a one-hour documentary about Geert Wilders. In it, controversial assessments clashed against each other: The Muslim cleric Sheikh Khalid Yasin thinks that Wilders is creating “the atmosphere for a war.” Chaim Ben Pesach, the founder of the “Jewish Task Force,” is convinced that if Wilders would ever become the prime […]

The British police didn’t make it easy for sympathizers of the EDL: Those who wanted to move forward to the Market Place in the completely blocked of and partly barricaded Luton Wednesday in order to be present at the large demonstration by the EDL were politely but under false pretenses sent to other useless places […]

If there were no Anjem Choudary (photo), somebody would have to invent him. The leader of the Islamic group “Islam for UK” favors a clear language that pleasingly answers the Taqiyya of the association speakers here, like Aiman Mazyek, Bekir Alboga & company. In February of this year, the CBN Terrorism Correspondent Erick Stakelbeck traveled […]

Whoever thinks about London has, besides the Tower of London and images of Buckingham Palace, an imagination of Speakers Corner also in his memory. The memory is without question possibly soon the only “place” where the freedom of words connected with this famous place will be able to take place. A long cherished and cultivated […]

The English team Tottenham Hotspur, also called the “Yid Army,” traditionally has many Jewish fans. These are apparently unwelcome in Milan. The Italian police announced that flags with the Star of David will be confiscated at the Champion League Game at the Inter Milan if fans happen to bring any into the stadium. Inter Milan […]

Imagine if we at PI would produce a short video in which representatives of politically correct views would be blown up and the spectators sprinkled with the bloody pieces. Our opponents wouldn’t very well find it original or funny, and their protests would be anything but unjustified. Moreover, legal consequences would lie well within the […]

Britannistan is now cultivating “homegrown” terrorists and attackers that are thriving marvelously in the prisons of the country like tomatoes in a Dutch greenhouse. A special education in an external terrorist camp is now no longer necessary. In the tally of an estimated 8,000, candidates are preparing for bloody Jihad, it doesn’t matter whether all […]

In 2007 — two years after the London terrorist attacks — a camera team from the British network “Channel 4” spent four months secretly filiming in British mosques (PI reported). The original documentation has been made available today in its entirety with German subtitles. The subject has lost nothing in its relevance to the current […]

In Great Britain a report was launched to the public a little while ago via the Internet that was actually intended only for the “Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT).” It has to do with the mental makeup of so-called “violence-free Islamists.”

British parents and zookeepers are upset — and justifiably so. Out of respect for multi-culti, their children are to be allowed to eat only halal at school. Dozens of elementary schools have undertaken to serve only Islamically correct food with meat from fully bled animals, and therefore to discriminate clearly against Christians — who at […]

Through the case of a 14-year-old girl that was forced into sexual slavery, it has come to light that her fate was not an isolated case. White girls in Great Britain targeted by “Asian” (politically correct for ‘Muslim’) bands of pimps for prostitution. White girls to them are generally whores. The 14-year-old was a private […]

The BBC has clear religious preferences: While at every possible Chance Christians are made fun of and shown in a mocking light, there is a great hurry to self-subjection to Islam. Clifford Longley, former correspondent of the British daily newspaper Telegraph and Times states: “In England, religion is being discriminated against and marginalized, not by […]

In Barking, East London, Muslim demonstrators saw to it that great outrage was stirred up among the residents by the insulting of the British soldiers who had returned home from Afghanistan. The British had just lost three more soldiers in the battle against the Taliban. The soldiers on the front received shouts of “murderer,” “killers,” […]

Not only is there a ban of flags for certain occupational groups in Germany during the World Cup Championship, but also in well enriched Great Britain. According to a report from the Daily Mail, in Manchester more than 1,200 employees of a housing construction company have been prohibited from decorating their automobiles with English flags […]

In these dark days when Muslims, at the underhanded joy of communist insurrectionists, are allowed to run Jew hunts in German streets, there are still happy images that give encouragement. Every so often they come from the friends of the English Defence League (EDL), the anti-racist and Islam critical youth movement of Great Britain.

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