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The American Starbucks coffee service chain is beginning to feel that left-wing action is at least taken into account in the US as well. As a reaction to the discontinuation of visas imposed by US president Donald Trump for people from seven Muslim countries, Starbucks chief Howard acted in left-wing defiant manner and made a […]

At least five people were killed and according to recent reports around ten injured in a shooting attack at the Ft. Lauderdale airport in the US state of Florida. The attacker shot around in the baggage claim area of the airport it was reported. According to mayor Barbara Sharief, the 26-year-old shooter was arrested and […]

People can be friends, governments are never. In recent years, however, evidence is piling up that the US is not just not our friend but acting increasingly hostile toward Europe and Germany in ways that never existed in Cold War times. Of course, we are most welcome as countries of travel and import. And we […]

“Are you a Christian?” is what 26-year-old rampage shooter Chris Harper-Mercer (photo) prior to shooting said to his victims lying on the ground at a community collage in the US state of Oregon. If they answered “yes,” he shot them in the head. If they answered “no,” he shot them in the legs. While US […]

The international state of finance has descended to a ghost train of judicial confusion. The Americans are setting the tone for this. Capriciousness is the rule. The assumption of innocence has been abolished. Whoever ends up in the crosshairs admits guilt and pays. The risk of a charge can be afforded by nobody. If a […]

This past weekend, anti-Israel demonstrations took place again all over Germany [and the US, see here and here, among other small(!) towns]. When researching the social networks, one encounters a multitude of video and photo material that doubtlessly remind one of civil war. In Mannheim, around 3000 demonstrators gathered to vent their hate of Jews. […]

The US has been known as the outpost of freedom of speech. Until now! Now it has been revealed that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has presented a plan by the Obama administration to inspect all editorial with regard to balancing of the reports. That means that all articles must take care of the special […]

At the request of US Representative Michele Bachmann (photo right) from Minnesota, Austrian Islam critic Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (photo center) met with a delegation of representatives from the House of Representatives Thursday in Vienna. In addition to Bachmann, Louie Gohmert (left) from Texas, Robert Pittender from North Carolina and Steve King from Iowa also took part […]

The Quran commands Muslims to fight against the Kuffar until Islamic rule and law is established in every nook and corner of the world. Devout Muslims attacked the United States on September 11, 2001 (9/11) to achieve that divinely commanded goal of Islam. Islam has since kept making inroads into the American life, including the […]

Dearborn in the state of Michigan is home to the largest Moslem community in the US. In June of the previous year, a Moslem-Arab festival took place. Christians did a demonstration march during it and showed their adherence to the the Christian faith on T-shirts and banners. The police prohibited them from using a megaphone. […]

Eventually, I successfully suppressed 9/11; my fear of flying disappeared again. On anniversaries when the television was always filled with it, I was happy each time when they were over. I also moved back to Mönchengladbach; however, in the US, I now have a sort of “time share” and have found good friends. What actually […]

Our todays program was dedicated to the 2,977 people who were murdered on 01/09/11. May they all rest in peace.

September 11, 2001, was a day that I had marked in red on my calendar already weeks ahead. On this day, my fiancée back then and I had an appointment at the Leipzig Registry Office in order to set the date for our wedding. And in fact, with a certain delay in time, September 11, […]

Anyone looking for a reason why Obama would necessarily want to bomb Syria can now find an answer with a report by Rionovosti. The Russian news page reports something interesting today (9/10):

Der Spiegel is once again telling us the fable that “migrants” decide the elections, and the CDU (Christian Democratic Union Party) is eating out of their hand. Meant here are Turks! Not to mention the fact that that the half of them, being without a German passport, aren’t allowed to vote at all; they perhaps […]

US Secretary of State John F. Kerry (photo) has invited Muslim representatives to Washington DC for the breaking of the fast. Also among the guests is Aiman Mazyek (small photo), president of the Germany Central Council of Muslims (ZMD). Mazyek showed happiness over the “nice gestures of respect and appreciation” and also would find it […]

“Wake up America – Obama backs up a fascist regime in Egypt” Oddly enough, a massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt was totally ignored by the “classic” media even though the protests could have been among the greates demonstrations in human history. Here are a few impressions:

(Translator note: This article appeared on PI on June 28th, and is a compendium of several articles. Note well the by line, which contains links to full articles and other links mentioned throughout the article.) While Egyptians of all factions prepare to demonstrate in masses against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mursi’s government on June […]

Wendy Davis, a 50-year-old senator in the Texas state assembly halted a democratic vote over the strengthening of the abortion law with a 13-hour speech (photo). Davis is now being celebrated by the “Democrats”; US president Barack H. Obama tweeted his support. But the left-wing, politically correct Rheinische Post also lauds the “hero in tennis […]

“Barack Obama is no longer coming to Berlin as an idol” – Volker Beck of the “Greens” said this before the visit of the US president. A statement that was immediately and readily taken up by quite a few leftist, politically correct journalists in our country. But the German leftists and their journalists are disappointed […]

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