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It seems like exactly three years ago that Rainer Brüderle (photo left) and a venerably stupid attempt at making a pass in a hotel in January 2013 bar brought us a sexism debate, stirred by the so-called #aufschrei on Twitter. And so we were there, we ladies. Victims of the FDP, victims of the men, victims of verbal attacks, of false glances, false words. All of it quite bad because it was clear: women are constantly subjected to the uncontrollable virility and the patriarchal oppressive fantasies by heterosexual white men.



The Turkish Bureau for Religious Affairs considers it unadvisable for engaged couples to hold hands and to be alone in an area without the presence of other people. There is nothing against engaged couples meeting so that they can get to know each other better, it said in one of the fatwas, or a religious legal opinion, published on the authority’s website. As a result, the boundaries of intimacy are not allowed be crossed. “Engaged couples may not flirt and give any occasion for gossip by hanging around alone in an area. They may not hold hands and must distance themselves from all un-islamic behaviors.” […] In Germany, the authorities are considering their own establishment: the Turkish-Islamic Union for the Institute of Religion (Ditib), with which according to its own statements around 900 mosques nationwide have joined. (By the way, Lower Saxony will be finalizing a contract with Ditib for better islamization of Germany, which was mentioned in the Welt article)

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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It has now been made known that on Silvester night, almost identical scenes existed at the Hamburg Reeperbahn like those in Cologne where women and girls were heavily harassed by Arab invaders under the eyes of more than 200 police officers ([mehr]


Today, around 2 p.m., a press conference took place at the Cologne police headquarters on the Walter-Pauli-Ring because of the incomprehensible events all around the Cologne main train station (PI reported) during the night of Silvester. Even the usually conforming, politically correct president of the Cologne police, Wolfgang Albers (photo, 2nd from left), showed shock and spoke of an “unbearable condition” in the cathedral city. One that arose by means of a “completely new dimension” of crimes by a group of a total of around 1,000 men who “by their appearance” came from “the Arabic or North African region.”



The new year is starting like the old one ended. In the shelters of the invaders, the situation is ever escalating. Much about what we report can only be the tip of the iceberg because incidents are often suppressed and even less of what reaches the police is even spread further by the media. Therefore it is even more important that victims or readers turn to independent media like PI-News in order to be heard, like recently in the case of a young abused woman from Stuttgart.


During Silvester night, it wasn’t just the mass gropings in Cologne that were an issue but also in Europe’s capital Brussels. A mob of young Allah warriors through an automobile at Clemenceau Square into a subway shaft and then blew up a Christmas tree to Moslem war shouts of Allahu akbar. And this was just the beginning of 2016!

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken


In Czech EU critic and ex-president Václav Klaus’s view, a “migration tsunami” is rolling over Europe. “It is a matter of whether we will allow our European culture, civilization and way of life to be destroyed by the hordes of people coming to us from other continents,” said the 74-year-old according to a report in the “Lidové noviny” newspaper. Klaus sees in the refugee movement a conspiracy by the EU institutions. The immigration serves Brussels in dismantling nation states and creating a new European people of the future. “Dictators in the past like Hitler and Stalin were always wanting to achieve this,” said Klaus. (Source: WELT)

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

Here again are a few references to the activities of the so-called “refugees” or those possibly naturalized in recent days, – as always without the least claim to completeness. [mehr]

A chilling threat on social media should cause the hair to bristle.

ISIS and al-Qaeda have for years marked Geert Wilders as a target, which is the reason that the PVV politician has had to watch his steps every day since 2005. But that doesn’t keep extremist Moslems from a possible attack on the popular politician. Many fools do this in silence, but some make it a sport of boldly announcing that they are planning a terrorist attack.

By Tim Engelbart January 2, 2016 — De Dagelijkse Standaard



On December 17, 2015, the Saxon interior minister presented a criminal statistic for the month of January through September 2015 with special regard to the crimes by asylum seekers in the state of Saxony. A concrete publication of the same has not been made until now. Press and politics tried to reinterpreted the numbers in a calming fashion. A more precise look and a comparison with the criminal statistics of Saxony for the year 2015, however, is enough to confirm itself: The number of murders has doubled, the increase of brutal rapes lies at 25 percent, 17 percent more robberies and eight percent more physical injury crimes have been registered – just until September 2015 alone in an “influx” that occurred shortly before that made up hardly more than one percent of the total Saxon population.

(By Michael Bakunin)



German Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD, photo) is talking a lot these days (PI has reported several times) and the more he opens his mouth, the clearer the error is in the occupation of his political office by him. From censorship to spy services to Islam, everything appears to involve him and the Napoleon of the Western Pockets wishes to set the tone everywhere. Apparently for him, the interests of this country’s citizens are mainly to be represented when they have to do with Moslems. After the islamic massacre in the Charlie Hebdo editorial office, he had nothing better to do than to go to a mosque. And now he intends to make the burka tasteful for us because he has no problem with full body covering, he relayed to us via the press.


zuerich-440x220Islamicly depraved Allah servants have become a part of everyday life in Switzerland, too. On Sunday morning, shortly after 6 a.m., the police were called to the Zürich township Wiedikon where several Jewish facilities are located. A 42-year-old Ethiopian was going down the street with a 25 cm long meat cleaver in hand. When the police tried to stop him, the man ran toward the officers in combat fashion. Both fired immediately out of self-defense at the Moslem who was later brought with serious injuries to a hospital and operated on. Several witnesses stated that the attacker had shouted “Allahu akbar” several times. In the nearby synagogue there was appropriate concern. We are definitely going to have to become accustomed to the fact that along with Islam killing and murder attempts are part of everyday life in Europe. (lsg)

A picture taken on December 25, 2015 shows a devastated prayer room in Ajaccio, after protesters vandalized it and tried to set fire to copies of Koran, near a working-class neighbourhood of Ajaccio where two firefighters and one police officer were injured last night during clashes, the French police and prefecture said. / AFP / Pierre-Antoine FOURNIL

On Christmas Day, a group of radical demonstrators in the Corsican capital Ajaccio trashed a prayer room for Muslims and tried to burn Korans. According to statements by the authorities, the group had first participated in an anti-Muslim protest rally in a settlement with public housing in which a police officer and two firefighters were injured by a young attacker. During the rally the attitude had already heated up considerably, as one AFP correspondent reported. There were constant shouts of “Arabs leave” and “This is our home”; many residents in the settlement no longer felt they could venture out in the street.



Banner above: We won’t be fooled any longer! WE are the PEOPLE!

Everyday, we’re clueless about the unbelievable, somewhat historically unique events out there. On one side, we are constantly finding ourselves in a field of tension between deep concern because of the totally concrete effects due to these developments to be expected on our bodies, most of all our children and grandchildren, and on the other side, the disgust and lack of understanding toward the views and actions of our political opponents who are on an unprecedented intellectual path, itself similar to an allergic reaction against itself for want of existential distresses, being based on decadence and having become void of all instincts.



Dear Reader,

For all of us, this time is a phase of far reaching changes in which we will not only have to bear with difficulties but also in which in the coming years, thanks to Angela Merkel, Germany will also be burdened. But independent of the invited islamic terror and celebrated refugee chaos, it is now Christmas. The Christians are celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is today that we need Jesus’s message: Fear not! Do not be afraid of people! Because nothing is cloaked that will not be uncovered, and nothing is hidden that will not be made known. What I say to you in the darkness, tell of it in broad daylight, and what one whispers in your year, tell it from the rooftops. Fear not those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul (from Matthew 10:26-33). Other than the national jester, though, we are speaking of a real, founded fear for the future of this country and our children. For the sake of Jesus’s words today, though, neither fear nor rage should be able to take away the joy of the celebration of his birth. Christmas carols, Christmas tree, family, friends, cookies, gifts and the sparkling eyes of children… We wish you a contemplative Holy Night with all that belongs to it for you personally, but in any case peace in your heart for at least a few hours.

Sincerely, Your PI Team


Facebook’s dealings with critics of Islam is a tragic mirror image for the condition of free speech. Victim this time is politically incorrect ex-Moslem Cayit Kaya (photo). He had around 35,000 followers, outside of HC Strache, hardly any other Austrian critic of Islam could be better known throughout the Alpine republic. Kaya calls himself an “enemy of do-gooders,” at the same time, though, a secularist. The action by Facebook is even more shameful.


A PI reader from Florida sent us the link to this moving video that visualizes the international terror between 1/12/2000 and 11/13/2015. A firm listing of each attack is on The barely four-minute video produced by Milan Vuckovic from Berlin has already been clicked on 530,000 times on YouTube.

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken


In September, Minister of Justice Heiko Maas notified from Dublin Richard Allan who is responsible for political things in Europe. Maas quite openly demanded censorship for alleged “hate-“filled content, but above all islam-critical postings were an issue to him. Two and a half months later, Facebook posted its execution: The pages of Michael Mannheimer (photo right) and Michael Stürzenberger (left), for example, were completely blocked even though only provable facts about Islam could be read there.



Moslem Ayatollah Ali Chamenei (photo right) is Iran’s “religious” leader. He called the “Islamic State” (IS) terror group a “repugnant group.” So far, so good. They’re Sunnis, and he really hates them, since he is Shiite and they have been passionately bumping each other off for 1400 years. But Chamenei also hates Jews, and in all seriousness he said that the “worst form of terrorism” is waged through Israel under whom the Palestinians have suffered for 60 years.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)



Denmark is slipping further away from the EU: In the referendum that PI pointed out yesterday, the Danes voted Thursday against the abolition of their special regulations in European legal policy. According to the counting of almost all votes, around 53 percent of voters voted for remaining excluded in areas of judicial and internal matters. Around 47 percent voted against. The ‘no’ camp achieved a “clear” majority, government head Lars Løkke Rasmussen said in Copenhagen Thursday evening. The result of the referendum was celebrated as a triumph by followers of the Danish People’s Party. “The Danes know that when things are left up to Brussels one is subjected to an untransparent system in which we lose much of our democracy,” said party president Krisitian Dahl Thulesen (photo). Denmark negotiated its special rights after the population said ‘no’ in 1992 to the Maastricht Accord for the founding of the EU.

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken

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