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The security authorities of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria agreed in Zagreb Thursday to further transport the whole invasion in an organized fashion to Germany. The illegals are to be handled by the records department at the border of Macedonia and Greece and then brought further by rail over Serbia to Slovenia, on to the Austrian border at Spielfeld. From there they can then be passed on without limit to Bavaria. Persons from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq fall under this regulation. All others, that means those who still haven’t an idea where falsified Syrian passports are, must return to Greece or Turkey. Finally there will they find out how they can come upon false papers and also be transported to Germany a few days later.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken


Was there a military coup in NRW? Is the law of authorization now over with? Or is the state parliament building burning? Not quite two years ago, Dutch PVV chief Geert Wilders was badmouthed by German politicians as “racist,” “populist” and “xenophobic” because he asked the question: Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?” Now, when the SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) does that very thing in NRW (Northrhine-Westphalia) because one in three Moroccans is a criminal, then it is of course something completely different. But the teaching effect among the established parties does indeed usually have several years’ lag time…

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

The hate among Arab immigrants in Germany toward anything Jewish is already now a serious problem. With hundreds of thousands of immigrants from countries where antisemitism is quasi part of state doctrine, hostilities and uprisings are a new dimension of threat.



A total of 30 modular building (called ‘container’ in German) villages will soon come into existence in Berlin. Around 80 million euros are being released right away by coalition factions of the SPD and CDU for this purpose. More than 60 other container villages will be discussed by the Senate next week. The exact location is still not confirmed, but they will be found primarily in neighborhood areas. But the Berlin residents can be happy, the plan is in particular to put one of these violence brooding stations in each district or at the most three per township. The ugly container buildings for the future Berlin slums are to be up to three stories tall.



February 10, 2016 – Brutal incident after a football tournament in Grödlitz: In Saxon Grödlitz, a pack of around 20 refugees (North Africans) chased two amateur footballers (25 and 27 years old) last Sunday in the early morning hours through the village with iron rods and beat them so that they had to be brought to a hospital. The victims were seriously injured. This incident might possibly be suppressed.



Dear FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) publisher, the FAZ is not a cheap newspaper, but in spite of that I have kept up a subscription to your “Newspaper for Germany” for many years. There I read many articles that inform me, stir me up and sometimes even excite me. And there are enough texts in the FAZ that irritate me, aggravate me, yes even can put me in a certain state of anger. I put up with all of this very well. Today, though, on the front page of the February 13, 2016, edition there a caricature of “Greser&Lenz” can be seen with the headline “Day of the Lovers” context taken from the so-called Valentine’s Day, that provides a small boom for flower shops from Flensburg to Konstanz.



Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to be visibly losing his nerve. Upon being accused of having extorted the EU with refugees, he said in Ankara: “We’re not ashamed of this. The protocol is only a conformation for us.” Turkish media reported this. At the beginning of the week, Greek news magazine “euro2day” published conversations between high-ranking EU representatives and the Turkish president. According to it, Erdogan threatened therewith to open the gates to Europe. One day, it could be that Turkey “will open the gate and wish them bon voyage.”

“What have we done until now? We have kept the refugees at the borders and brought them back to our refugee camps.” At some time the country could lose its patience, though. “Nobody shall believe that our airplanes and buses are there for no reason at all,” he said.

The refugees could be sent to countries from which currently “good suggestions” might come for the opening of the border because of the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo, said Erdogan according to the Anadolu news agency.

Erdogan also criticized the UNO because of the appeal for the opening of the border with Syria and said that the world organization should direct its appeal to other lands as well. The battles around Aleppo could force up to 600,000 people into flight.

Since the beginning of the offensive in Aleppo by Syrian government troops supported by Russian air attacks, tens of thousands of people have fled to the border with Turkey. There they have been waiting for days in overfilled camps, since Turkey has refused them entry.

(The article was originally published on t-online)

PI-Comment: Nice that Erdogan is now also officially admitting what was already clear to everyone else that can add “one and one” together. In addition to this, it should be mentioned that Turkey first co-produced the “refugee tsunami” and then intentionally passed it on to Europe so that he could extort the EU.

Concrete demands are a freedom of visa for Turks coming to Europe and accession to the EU, which would have as the outcome another settlement of millions of Turkish Mohammedans, most of all in Germany. With such a thing, Erdogan would come a great piece closer to his further imperialistic goal, “of conducting Islam victoriously to the West.”

PS: Not quite 54 percent of the Turks living in Germany voted for Erdogan in June 2015 in the Turkish parliamentary election.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken


What prejudices are there about refugees? Let’s start with this: They are mostly young men between 20 and 30 and not the families with goggle-eyed children like the present-it-otherwise press would like to inform us. Good, this lie has now been confessed, no prejudice. But we will stick to the men. Surely not a prejudice: Young men from other parts of the world have the same sexual needs as men here and want (most anyway) to be together with a woman or at least sleep with one.

(By Sarah Goldmann)

What do they do when they don’t have a chance to get it on with one? In a few years, the group of 20- to 30-year-olds could achieve the same strength as that of their German peers. The number of women is not increasing accordingly. Besides a few desperate refugee aid helpers, none are found that want a male without language skills and without career perspective and reputation. What will the refugees do?

Here in Germany (still) they see mostly women who do not run around in black garbage bags, that don’t wear any head covering, that don’t cover themselves up, but dress themselves in such a fashion as befits our standards. And to this belong short tops, short skirts, high heels, pleasing, chic, attractive clothing.

The “refugees” from Arab and islamic countries are unaccustomed to this. They interpret this differently according to their current customs of perception. For them it means: This woman is dressing in a provocative way because she desperately needs a man. A really great lover. And if the refugees might otherwise have nothing else, then definitely this gigantic self-consciousness that they are just that – great lovers! They have never seen such, the women in here in Germoney, they dress themselves like the sluts. What fits better than the overly horny German sluts and the fiery Arab lovers. They could think this way, the refugees. Prejudice?

But wait, don’t they come from a cultural circle, from the islamic cultural circle, where the woman is esteemed as highly as the man? Doesn’t Islam preach just that, equality of the sexes, regard of the man before the woman? Anyway, that’s what the officials of the Mohammedans tell us here in this country. But does that also apply for the uncustomarily lightly attired women in islamic opinion? Or is it not rather for the sake of Allah that such must still also be punished for their sins, in the according fashion, by a devout man? Strong meat, severe prejudices, one might think. What should someone think of a report such as this one, which snatches up a current incident from Hannover?

Refugee shouted during sex attack: “Thus Allah wills”

After the rape, he asked his victim if she liked it.

A brutal rape is shocking Hannover (Germany): a 37-year-old refuge pounced over a 25-year-old female student in front of a disco. While he raped her he shouted, “Thus Allah wills.”

Rheda (37) was waiting in ambush for the Student as she left a disco in Hannover early around 5 a.m. In a dark alley, he pounced over his victim, brutally knocked her down and raped her. After the brutal act, he asked the 25-year-old if she liked it.

Brutal Attack

The student described the worst moment of her life before the court: “He asked me in broken German if I had time. Before I could answer anything, he pulled me by the arm into the alleyway. He said to me that he needed sex. I tried to scream, but he held my mouth closed. Then he threw me on the ground and tried to pull my pants off but couldn’t. He shouted at me that I had to pull them off myself.” During the rape, the man spoke to himself and constantly shouted “Inshallah” (in English, something like: Thus Allah/God wills).

The Algerian now stands before court. A DNA test has identified him as attacker.

Very simple. The regulation of the German language of diversity called to life an additional term besides the term of prejudice for this one – it was a regrettable “isolated case.”

Video on the subject: Swedish female harassed by refugees

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken


Since December of last year, “protection seekers” have been sheltered in the first Federal Processing Asylum Center in Thun in the Swiss canton of Bern. A Thun brigade of do-gooders put forth great effort and two tank hangars were converted into living facilities. The dignitaries were most happy, as the Berner Zeitung newspaper exulted in due course. “I am impressed that in the few days since the information event of last week a complete infrastructure has been set up for a federal asylum center,” gushed security chief Peter Siegenthaler (SP) who along with city president Raphael Lanz (SVP) and a team for asylum coordination and administration examined the facility for a good two hours. The premises were clearly separated from each other and from empty tank hangars habitable homes were created.



Due to the Muslim-racist Silvester pogroms it has been made known that crimes by “refugees” are being systematically hushed up: “There is the strict direction by the leadership of the authorities not to report about crimes being committed by refugees. Only direct inquiries by media representatives regarding such acts are to be answered.” In spite of the intentional suppression, following are again a few rapes and sexual attacks by rapefugees that have made it to the public.


COLOGNE. After the mass assaults in Cologne, more and more police are breaking their silence. Violence by asylum seekers, according to them, is to be systematically hushed. “Among crimes by suspects that have a foreign nationality and are registered at a first reception facility, we immediately lay the case to the side on the desk,” a high-ranking police officer told Bild newspaper. “There is the strict instruction by the leadership of the authorities not report about offenses committed by refugees. Only direct inquiries by media representatives with regard to such acts are to be answered.”

A spokesman for the Hessian Interior Ministry indirectly confirmed the truth of the statements for the paper: “The press office managers were given the indication that the subject of ‘refugees’ could be instrumentalized by right-wing extremists to intentionally stir up attitudes against those seeking protection.



Due to the Muslim-racist Silvester pogroms it has been made known that crimes by “refugees” are being systematically hushed up: “There is the strict direction by the leadership of the authorities not to report about crimes being committed by refugees. Only direct inquiries by media representatives regarding such acts are to be answered.” In spite of the intentional suppression, following are again a few rapes and sexual attacks by rapefugees that have made it to the public.



“Schengen is a theatrical symbol of the Brussels politicians. The desire thereby is to suggest something like a European state. But Schengen has nothing to do with Europe. The EU is not responsible for the acceptance of the refugees. What is important is that one can travel freely, and there is no need of Schengen for that. Every country is responsible for securing its own borders,” says teacher of economics at Oxford and migration researcher Paul Collier.



Translation of above: I would like to encourage the citizens to call on their representatives not simply to accept the breach of law taking place thousands of times each day at the German borders. We now need a majority in order to put an end to this insanity.”



As PI reported recently, delegates from 14 European countries met at a conference in Prague/Roztoky at the invitation of the Úsvit-Národní koalice Party (Dawn of the People’s Coalition) by Marek Cernoch and the Bloku proti islámu (Bloc Against Islam). This meeting was prepared in an extraordinarily professional way, delivered simultaneous interpretation for the individual national languages and happened in a pleasant, constructive atmosphere.



The hate against dissident thinkers in Germany is taking on more and more dangerous traits. On Saturday evening around 9 p.m., a poster hanger who was going about putting up advertising billboards for AfD (Alternative for Germany) became the victim of a shooting attack. According to the police report, the 36-year-old was first insulted by the around 20- to 25-year-old attacker whereupon the victim got into his car. The masked aggressor followed him and shot into the passenger-side window of the car with a pistol. The poster hanger, who remained uninjured, fled and notified the police. As it looks, it is only a question of time before there is the first dead AfD individual.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken


When an invader has registered among us in Germany, for 15 months he has “just” a claim to treatment in acute illnesses or situations of pain. After that, the “refugees” are allowed just like those insured by the state insurance pool to get dental prostheses. The costs for a total treatment run up to around 10,000 euros. Since many of the colonists already here have a catastrophic dental condition, experts are calculating total costs of several billion euros.



Pegida will now be internationally active and is supporting a Europe-wide association. The mutual objective of not handing Europe over to Islam on Saturday with the “Prague Declaration” in Roztoky near Prague. The writing was signed by Pegida representatives from Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria. Pegida demonstrations are to take place on February 6th in 14 European countries to show clear determination for this. PI will report.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

Most honored Mayor Binder, most honored ladies and gentlemen of the Uttenweiler city council,

In concern for our country, its security, its internal societal peace and the immense abuse of immigrants for geopolitical machinations of a money and power elite working in the background, I am turning to you.

Let yourself be led in what you do and decide by the well being of the people, especially the citizens of this land, and not by superficial idealism, which means knee-jerk “helping” or having to carry out orders from above without realistically considering the long-term goals of this action.



by Michael Paulwitz – Junge Freiheit

Heiko “Justice Minister” Maas knows just where the real rub is: Massive sex terror by Arab-African bands, women dare not go out in the street and want to avoid large events? Leftist extremists are devastating inner cities, conducting street fights with regiment strength against the police, storming city council buildings and police stations and burning up automobiles? The man who is allowed to call himself “Federal Justice Minister” knows the answer: Heiko Maas is inviting the regional justice ministers to the “Summit against right-wing violence.”


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