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Merkel knows that the alleged “refugees” are in truth mostly adventurers and freeloaders. She, however, is consciously taking advantage of the Germans’ good faith so that the Germans will often enough allow more millions of the hostile foreigners into the country. She’s not doing this because she is evil or crazy, rather she is following the logic of power with complete rationality: She knows that the Germans will sometime awaken from their multiculti dreams. And then, if the country is not finally flooded with Muslims, the Germans will put the leading personnel responsible for this on the firing line. Only when the Germans have been made the minority and are ultimately eradicated, the responsible political leading victor remains history. Merkel wants German ethnocide.



This and the following photos were taken at the Hungarian border on September 16th. The invaders are showing their true face after things are running as well as they had expected. Pure rage, aggression, violence and will to destroy can be seen among these people. These all aren’t the pitiful “refugees” fleeing from some threat. They are robbing nomads, economic migrants, adventurers, coming social parasites, potential criminals and Mohammedan conquerors that want to islamize Germany and Europe.



Rosenheim. In order to prevent chaos, more refugees are to be picked up from the German-Austrian border with special trains and brought directly to various German cities. A spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior stated this Thursday in Rosenheim.



We are now experiencing the overtures of the islamic invasion of Europe! Border controls? They won’t discourage Afghanis or Iraqis. But every pro-asylum and anti-German slogans with which our chancellor has animated the whole world, as well as the “Welcome Refugee girls,” make the impression to the contrary very well. It mainly revolves around how they perceive the situation, not what EU-Europe allows to be said. They have recognized that the continent of Europe cannot and will not stop them.



Back yesterday, top Croatian politicians emphasized that they would take all of the Asylum defrauders from Hungary and send them on elsewhere. A welcome of the finest kind. First a few 100 came today, then 1000, and now already 5600, and Croatia has had enough. The promised trains didn’t run, it’s not working as was vocally and violently demanded, according to Zagreb, the asylum invaders are sitting on the platforms in the sunshine, the Croatian police were attacked, and there’s a dangerous crackling.


Hemer (NRW) – Around ten Algerian Muslim asylum applicants attacked an Eritrean Christian in Northrhine-Westphalia Hemer because of his wooden-cross chain. According to statements by the police, the group of Algerians began to verbally abuse the 25-year-old refugee when they saw the wooden cross on his neck. After that a quarrel developed between the Algerians and the Eritrean his pregnant wife and two others that accompanied him from Eritrea. According to the police, one of the North Africans hit the Christian with a glass bottle. The Muslims also attacked his pregnant wife. They stole a cell phone and cash from the 25-year-old. He, along with his wife and another companion, were taken with injures to the hospital. One of the perpetrators was able to get away. One of the also underwent ambulant treatment for light injuries at the hospital. As a spokesperson for the police confirmed with the idea Evangelical news agency, no arrests have been made thus far.

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken


Some perhaps remember the Syrian “refugee” who was so annoyed by a camera woman in Hungary that he stumbled with his son in his arm to the ground. The camera woman, Petra László lost her job after that, and the “refugee,” Osama al-Abdelmohsen, much to the excitement of our media, made it to beautiful Berlin (without his wife, of course). In his homeland Syria, he was a much loved football trainer, so the press was able to glean. But what couldn’t be read: Osama al-Abdelmohsen recently showed the flag of the Al-Nusra Front terror organization on his Facebook page.




Currently, “heavily traumatized refugees” have yet again had to throw large rocks at Hungarian border troops at the Serbian-Hungarian border because there is definitely a human right for any criminal to open borders and to any degree of social benefits in any country of Europe who manages to make it here. Or not? Presumably, the pack pushing for here was worked up by the indigenous leftist Antifa pack and the lying press. How could Hungary be so brazen and close up its borders? My thanks goes to Hungary and Orbán for the fact that he holds his line – in contrast to the ruling ragamuffins among us!

Livestream from Hungarian TV

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken


On the upcoming game day, all football professionals of the 36 First and Second National League teams are to run onto the field in socialistic unity with the current slogan for population replacement, “Refugees Welcome.”



Poland has something we didn’t and don’t have: We have reported many a time about the Ottoman overcomer Sobieski. The Polish government is recognized as having said that they will accept only Christian refugees. And now a whole stadium full of football fans and patriotic fans in Poland have impressively “celebrated” their Sobieski and against immigrant Jihad very loudly and with large banners.



The complete original article below, “Was ist zu tun?” (“What is there to do?”), which was excerpted on PI-German, can be found on EwK: Einwanderungskritik. Those living in the United States are having a strikingly similar problem with the media and politicians refusing to represent the will of Americans, and thus this article is worth reading. Just plug the word ‘American’ in in place of ‘German’ where it occurs.



Even the most hardened and able to go to the absolute limits of human imagination can only stand stupefied before images and video material from the sources of the IS that would truly shake any civilized person to their foundations. Even the most horrible nightmare by Hieronymous Bosch has the effect of a child’s birthday by comparison. Now, there is film material going around where it can be very clearly seen that a perhaps 10- to 12-year-old boy in military dress and with a relatively small knife is “sawing” off the of a living, shackled, Western-dressed and grown man in his prime who also could be his father, and then in the end triumphantly holding it up to the camera. Warning, hideous images!

(By Cantaloop)



Radical Moslems have threatend Antwerp’s mayor Bart De Wever (photo) with murder if he doesn’t convert to Islam. A threat letter to De Wever was hung in a square in Antwerp’s downtown area. The politician had previously repeatedly warned of a threat by islamic extremism in Belgium.



The international state of finance has descended to a ghost train of judicial confusion. The Americans are setting the tone for this. Capriciousness is the rule. The assumption of innocence has been abolished. Whoever ends up in the crosshairs admits guilt and pays. The risk of a charge can be afforded by nobody. If a bank or any other firm is hauled before the judge, its demise is a threat, even if at one time it had been acquitted. In the US, it’s better to plead guilty in advance than to be destroyed by a charge. The politicized Obama Justice Department has become the most successful revenue machine of present day.



Der SPIEGEL demonstrates most superbly on a consistent basis how brainwashing can be carried out in quality fashion, even how a brutal and completely unproductive totalitarian sect like Islam, which busies itself with the various orifices of the woman, violence and striving toward world dominance, can be sold as culture. In its online edition, it celebrates most innocently a somewhat crazy naïveté for its unbelievably valuable photo prize. The deception of the readers functions most of all through what is not said:



Most honored Pastor Olaf Latzel,

The debate over your sermon on 1/18/2015 makes it clear that Germany finds itself in a cultural conflict with Islam. The Evangelical Church has very clearly positioned itself in this cultural conflict on the side of Islam, which like National Socialism fights against the Jews. There is much evidence for this. The reaction of the Evangelical Church to the Christian sermon was therefore to be expected.



On 2/5/2015, the “Neue Westfälische newspaper published an interview with Pastor Eberhard Helling (photo), Islam commissioner for the Lübeck Evangelical Church group, regarding the attacks in Paris. Helling sees no connections between Islam and the terror. Immediately after the Charlie Hebdo editors were killed, he went to the mosque of his confidence in order to assure the Koran followers that “the church” rejects Pegida and “the Muslims can rely on our support.” Eberhard Kleina, retired career school pastor from Lübbecke, like Pastor Olaf Letzel, is also apparently one of the last with backbone in his professional group. He didn’t want to let the interview fall as it is, and in an open letter to his fellow believer, which we will reproduce uncut here, he took a clear stand regarding this issue.



We hear ever and again from so-called “Islam experts” that the Koran and the islamic religion based on the Koran are peaceful and compatible with democracy and tolerance.

God knows I’m no expert in terms of islamic theory rather, if anything, somewhat knowledgeable as pertains to islamic practice. I was simply a Moslem from modern day Iran and left Islam only when here in Germany because this decision carries the death penalty in my homeland.

(By Mehrdad)



While Mohammedans in every place can roar without retribution their “Allahu akbar” which as much as means “Allah is greater (than other gods),” a pastoral instruction that Christians must not blur the difference between Christianity and Islam has led to investigations of “incitement” by the district attorney in Bremen against Evangelical Pastor Olaf Latzel (photo).

(By Hinnerk Grote)



Within the conservative/freedom-oriented opposition, especially the AfD (Alternative for Germany Party), there is no unity regarding the subject of “Diverse Republic.” On the one hand, the diversification of Germany is also definitely appreciated, on the other, the islamization that comes along with it is deplored. The application: “Yes to döner, no to Sharia.” This “Yes, but” that is typical especially for the AfD doesn’t accomplish very much: diversification and islamization are inseparably bound to each other. Those who reject islamization must at the same time question what is behind the whole “Diverse Republic” project.

(By C. Jahn)


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